Viral video shows cops doing their job… and being harassed for it.

December 12, 2013 in Blog by miSter_inFamies

Resist arrest after committing a crime, scream loud enough to gather a crowd, and people will intervene and defend an alleged criminal.

The first thing my wife said as we watched this “If that had been a black, aboriginal, or white man, people would have assumed he deserved everything he got.” Not automatically side with the perpetrator.

We do side with the police here. Stand back, let them do their job, video record to your hearts content, and take it up with the police or appropriate appeal process later. You are ignorant of what harm people are capable of doing to themselves and police (regardless of their gender). Intervening, unless the acts were inherently unlawful, is only putting everyone at unnecessary risk and shows your blatant ignorance.

After this video became viral, police agencies across the world commended the officers actions as not only lawful but right.

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