Don’t be that…

July 11, 2013 in Blog, Feminism, News by miSter_inFamies

Here is a “before and after” picture of Emmet Till. He was beaten, had one of his eyes gouged out, was shot through the head and finally, dumped in a river. His crime? He was believed to have made sexual advances to a white woman. Why does this post have a picture of Emmet Till? Because like many other marginalized and minority men throughout history, he was a victim of rape hysteria. His sexuality was branded as predatory and violent, although this was by no means self-evident.

But take a long, hard look at the picture. This is what rape hysteria does. 

Emmet Till’s case attracted horrified compassion only because he was African-American, but his maleness did not factor into this. We can all see that the human rights of a black man were obliterated, because the progressive narrative of social justice has drilled this into the collective psyche for many years. More’s the pity, then, that the collective psyche never got the narrative of MALE human rights progressively drilled into it. We simply cannot “see” that male life has value.

We of the Men’s Rights Edmonton group wish to promote human rights. We also take the controversial stance that men and boys belong to the human race, and that in order to promote human rights you must promote the rights of men and boys. How is it possible to promote human rights if you support the human rights of only half the human race? Such a view, to our mind, is morally grotesque and perverse — although anybody is welcome to declare such a view. Thought is free, and so is speech, so if you don’t believe that male rights are human rights, feel free to speak right up. 

But the point is, that false accusation of rape is a terrible, terrible thing. I might even say, as terrible as rape itself. If Emmet Till could speak, I think he might agree. And at the milder end of the spectrum, Edmonton cab driver Soner Yasa would likely second that motion. These things are only “trivial” if they happen to somebody else — the sufferings of others are easily borne, are they not?

Men’s Rights Edmonton is keenly aware of all this, and it is part of our mission to correct the present imbalance in the collective psyche. On Sunday, 7 July, we posted a series of placards with a pro-male message, in the vicinity of the University of Alberta, Edmonton. Our action has kicked over a beehive of angry, primitive emotions, and we would like to address that now. 

It appears that a lot of people see nothing wrong with falsely accusing a man of rape. For me, that is difficult

to understand, but maybe it’s just me. I am willing to accept that some people have a different morality from my own, and they are certainly free to speak right up about that. But I would insist that they extend me the same courtesy. I think it is felonious treachery for a woman to point to a man and say “he raped me”, when in fact he did no such thing. Indeed, I feel so strongly about this that I refuse to be silent.

Purveyors of rape hysteria have gotten into a flap about our pro-male message, but I myself won’t stand for it. If these people wish to make slanderous accusations with no foundation, they must stand behind it.  It is no light matter to call somebody a “rape apologist”, for example, so if you fling that kind of stuff, be prepared to back it up.

The same goes for that tired old chestnut of “blaming the victim”. Victim? What victim? Give proof. Either that, or think twice about what you say before you say it. Could it be that somebody wishes to blame the false-accusation victim? Is that the real victim-blaming that is occurring here? I certainly wonder about that, but I trust that somebody is willing to explain. I’d really like to hear what they’ve got to say for themselves, and if Emmet Till were around he might also be interested.

The original “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign, which our posters are meant to parody, is rotten, despicable and unforgivable. There is no excuse for it, and the people who created it owe a big apology to non-feminist men and women everywhere. No, I don’t mince words, and I hope the public will appreciate my straight talk. If anything like the feminist treatment were dished out to an identifiable racial, ethnic or religious group other than men and boys, the perpetrators would be run out of town on a rail. Just imagine:

“Don’t be that Jew!”

“Don’t be that spic!”

“Don’t be that dago!”

Or. . don’t be what Emmet Till was. You get the point.

So now you understand why we of Men’s Rights Edmonton did our counter-postering work. Who authorized it, you ask? I will tell you: WE DID. Did the creators of the anti-male “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign get their shameful project “authorized” before they launched it? If so, I have not heard. Certainly, we never authorized them. They should have asked us first.

So once again, needless to say, it is bad to accuse people of rape when they never raped. If you cannot agree to something that basic, then I’m afraid civilization has no place for you. What are you even doing here?

Men’s Rights Edmonton is a worldwide network of pro-male, non-feminist men and women. Go to Boston or Brisbane, Berlin or Bangalore, Banff or Bangkok, and you will find us there. We believe that men and boys belong to the human race, and we believe that male rights are human rights.

Drill THAT into your collective psyche!

— Fidelbogen (The Counter-Feminist)