Canada explodes with new mens rights groups.

March 30, 2014 in Blog by Raz

Across Canada and around the world, new groups are forming to join the fight for mens rights. The following are the newest Canadian additions and links to their websites. If you live in or around these areas, you can contact these groups to see how you can become involved. Otherwise, do check into them regularly and please donate to each to help keep them going.

Mens Rights Halifax -Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mens Human Rights Ontario -Ontario, Canada

Mens Rights Help -Dryden, Ontario

In light of the expanding network of Mens Rights groups, “Mens Rights Canada” has been founded to encompass all groups, nation wide. With some work, and generous support for you, we hope this website will act as a sort of central hub for activism in the future.

Mens Rights Canada

MR-E would like to issue a very fond welcome to all our fellow MRAs across Canada who have also made the decision to get off their asses and take their activism into the real world. Good on each and every one of you. These are obviously very significant developments, but let us all not forget one all important thing:
Regardless of what you accomplish individually, or working together…we were the first mens rights activist group in Canada and we’ve been doing this shit since before it was cool. So haha!

Here’s to a future of FTSU!!