Men’s Rights Edmonton Strikes Again!

December 31, 2013 in Blog, Feminism by Fidelbogen

Karen Smith, executive director of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, Alberta, still says that false allegation of sexual assault  “doesn’t happen.”  So make such allegations against Karen Smith, false or otherwise, and Karen will be forced to either admit that those allegations are true, or to eat her own words by admitting that false allegation really does happen.  Watch Nick Reading’s hard-hitting video to get a more detailed account of all this, and learn how to make your report:

Have you watched the video? Very well, Karen Smith, feminist of Edmonton, made the first move in this game. She set the terms of engagement when she made her deplorable statement, and now she is being called out for it.  Let her put her money where her mouth is.

Furthermore, it would have been decent of Karen Smith to announce that she was a feminist before she made her statement. She ought to have spoken somewhat as follows:

“I am a feminist, and as a feminist, I believe that false allegation of rape just doesn’t happen.”

But no, Karen Smith did not say this. Instead, she chose to be a weasel. She did not have the courtesy to establish her position on the NFsmallpolitical field, and yet she said something that was very much in character for a feminist. Therefore we will presume that Karen Smith IS, in fact, a feminist – given that she sounds like one. So if Karen Smith, feminist of Edmonton, is not in fact a feminist, she had better step up right quick and correct the misleading impression that she makes.

We cannot help wondering: if Karen Smith will not admit to being a feminist, does that mean that she wishes to hide it? Does that mean that she is ashamed of it?

All right, do we have any morally prudish nice-nellies out there, who believe that MR-E is doing a terrible thing by taking this action? Sorry, but what MR-E is doing is not nearly so shitty as what Occidental College did recently – to wit, virtually the same thing! I say “not nearly”, because there was morally NO EXCUSE for what Occidental College did. In Joseph Stalin’s Russia such things were par for the course. However, in a polity with any pretense to “civilization”, such things are utterly unconscionable, unacceptable and unforgiveable.

By contrast, there is a completely moral rationale behind the present MR-E action. They are making their urgent point in the most effective possible manner – by turning the tables. By forcing the shoe onto the other foot. By fighting fire with fire. Occidental College made the first move in this game by setting up their system of anonymous accusation. MR-E merely upped the game, but violated no rule in that game.

MR-E is striking two birds with one stone. Not only are they taking aim at Occidental College after the Reddit people chickened out and folded, but they are taking wider aim at all the feminist moral idiots and liars – such as this Karen Smith person – who STILL maintain that false rape accusation doesn’t really happen. We have HEAPS of evidence that indeed it does. . but assholes like Karen Smith pretend not to know this because nobody ever calls their bluff, and they have gotten away with it so long that they now consider themselves the Official Voice of Reality. Well, it’s time we made an example of such people, and by the luck of the draw, Karen Smith, feminist of Edmonton, gets to be the poster child of the hour! Lucky Karen!

In case the point still isn’t clear, let’s make it clear right now: the Occidental College episode, and the awful words of Karen Smith after the “don’t be that girl” poster campaign, are LINKED. These episodes are separated in space and time, but they belong to an underlying pattern which makes an organic whole, and we mean to instill that understanding upon the world at large.

In conclusion, I think that an open public apology by Occidental College, and an open public retraction, by Karen Smith, of her ill-considered words, is very much warranted here.

Needless to add, Occidental College should remove their anonymous reporting system along with telling the world that they are sorry they ever created such an abomination.